Hello, my name is Leigh McLoughlin, and this is my website. Be warned, it is still very much under construction, so put your hard hats on!



I spend a great deal of my free time either on the archery field or in the garage making and repairing my kit. I am a longbowman with the Bowmen of Lytchett.

Applied Shapes Limited

In 2012 I founded a company called Applied Shapes Limited. It was designed to deal with applications of geometric modelling, specifically using the tools and techniques developed by the Norwegian company Uformia. So far it is involved in education, modelling services, jewellery design and production as well as helping to promote Uformia's excellent tools and work.

Domino Run Game

Together with a friend and trading as 'Shiny Egg Studios', we designed and wrote a game that we published for Android. Available on

London Control

I produced a short introduction animation for the London Control ATC simulator game, and other artwork.

Crossbow Engine & C-Sheep (2006)

A collaborative project at the NCCA together with Eike Anderson. A virtual environment that facilitates the learning of C programming, by writing programs that control a sheep. Eike maintains a webpage at the NCCA.

Longbow (2004)

My undergraduate final project - an 'advanced' (for the time!) interactive renderer investigating different forms of global illumination.

Spheres (2004/2005)

Scripted computer game engine and game, written as a final-year undergraduate project with industry guidance. Highly extensible, with particle system.

Victory! (2003/2004)

Computer game engine, and example game. A second-year undergrad group effort. (Screenshots and Win32 version downloadable via NCCA). This project won "Best Student Demo" award at CGAIDE 2004.

OpenLeighM (2002/2003)

My first 3D engine, originally using an ASCII terminal. Absolutely crazy really - written while I was learning C in our first year at university.