This system was developed in my first year at university, while I was learning C. OpenGL was not scheduled for quite some time, and the only output we knew about was the console. So, the logical decision was to make an ASCII 3D engine.

We were eventually introduced to a proprietary 2D drawing API, developed by the lecturers. This was basically a wrapper for X-Windows with an easy to use interface. OpenLeighM was natrually ported to this, and I used the resulting system for a programming project. It was supposed to involve fractal generation in two dimensions, but I went a little further and added a third, just to be complicated.

The interface for the system was very limited. If I ever get the chance, it would be great to do a new ASCII 3D engine, just for the novelty.


Wireframe Cube
Cube with backface culling
Cube with backface culling
OpenLeighM 1.0
OpenLeighM 1.0


Eventually, I shall put IRIX, Linux and Win32 demo programs here, of version 0.1


OpenLeighM 2.0

Never got off the ground, though I think it did get as far as using Cg shaders. I started working on this at the beginning of the second year, but it was shelved as soon as it became evident that I was going to be working on Victory!

OpenLeighM 1.0

Version using the 2D graphics library provided to us. Limited shading was also possible, as well as full depth sorting.

OpenLeighM 0.1

Original version, worked with the ASCII terminal as output. It was originally written on an sgi O2, and is *significantly* faster on a modern PC.