My main area of interest is in interactive computer graphics programming. This page provides details of projects I have worked on, and (eventually) tutorials that I hope will be of use.


Crossbow Engine & C-Sheep - 2006+

A collaborative project at the NCCA together with Eike Anderson. A virtual environment that facilitates the learning of C programming, by writing programs that control a sheep. Eike maintains a webpage at the NCCA.

Longbow - 2004+

Advanced interactive renderer. Version 2.5 is currently under construction.

Spheres - 2004/2005

Scripted computer game. Highly extensible, with particle system.

Victory! - 2003/2004

Computer game engine, and example game. A group effort. (Screenshots and Win32 version downloadable via NCCA). This project won "Best Student Demo" award at CGAIDE 2004.

OpenLeighM - 2002/2003

My first 3D engine, originally using an ASCII terminal. Absolutely crazy really - written while I was learning C in our first year at university.


I shall include a number of items/tutorials that may be useful.

Vertex Buffer Objects

Cg Shaders

Lua Extension Language